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Northern Energy Solutions

Northern Energy Solutions (NES) is a full service home improvement company based out of Marquette, Michigan. Our core focus is insulation and weatherization.  The winters we experience in Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin demand that we pay attention to our home’s insulation.   The staff at NES are experts at evaluating your homes insulation and diagnosing the problem areas.  We educate you by providing a diagnoses and a cost estimate to improve your homes insulation free of charge. Our goal is to Insulate your home using state of the art insulating materials. The R Value of our products far surpasses the typical forms of insulation, we guarantee that you will be more comfortable after our team Optimizes your home.

Not only will you be more comfortable but the return on your insulation investment is worth every penny!


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What Northern Energy Solutions can offer you?

Each home is different which is why there is no single approach to fixing cold drafts in every home. Which is why our Experts specialize in analyzing homes using the law of thermodynamics to find out exactly where your home is losing heat. We will send an expert out to your home and he will analyze your home and let you know where NES (Northern Energy Solutions) can benefit you the most. Here are just a few of the solutions that we can offer our Customers


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Wall Insulation

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Basement Insulation Video

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Most attics are insulated with blown-in loose cellulose, blown-in loose fiberglass or fiberglass batts. All of these options have poor R Value and could be the reason your home energy bills are so high.  We have a solution for that! CLICK HERE to find out more!



The common phrase is "Hot air rises" and though that may be true, the Law of Thermodynamics

tells us that cold attracts heat. One of the most neglected areas of home insulation is the basement. We have a solution for that! CLICK HERE to find out more!



Many times a customer will call us and explain that their home is always cold in the winter and hot in the summer and when our experts arrive to analyze the home, they find that the walls or insulated poorly or, in some cases, not at all. We don't need to tear out your drywall to fix this problem, we have a  different solution for that! CLICK HERE to find out more!


Rim Joists

You may not think that Rim joists would be a problem, bu they can be a big issue when it comes to air infiltration. Fiberglass batting will not solve this problem, but we have a Solution for you that will completely seal your rim joists. CLICK HERE to find out more!