Prevent drafts and have a quieter home with RetroFoam. RetroFoam’s high R-value and ability to find and fill empty voids means better insulation and savings on utility bills.


HEATLOK SOY 200 can reduce energy consumption in homes by up to 50%, decreases dust and air pollutants, and maximizes energy efficiency by reducing air leakage from your home. A single application provides air, water and vapor protection and improves your home’s structural integrity.


Our first step in weatherizing is analyzing your home or new build. Our Expert Paul Schloegel will come to you and review the changes you would like NES to make to your projects Thermal Envelope. Paul will assess the project and give you an estimate for the cost of the requested project. Paul can also take the time to analyze your homes construction and find out exactly where your home may be losing energy.


After Paul analyzes your project, he then goes through the process of educating you the customer. Paul will help you determine what is the best route to take or which product will accomplish the goals for your project.


After determining the best approach, it is now time to optimize. The next step is to accomplish the project at hand. Our crew has an impeccable reputation that makes NES stand out. We arrive on time and the job site is spotless when we leave. We can optimize your home using the following products.